The Wonderfruit festival in Pataya, Thailand, was the first place the three pyramids had been shown all together in December of 2015. I made the Blue one over the the summer in 2015 which has a 9 meter base and was inspired to create two more. Color was very important. The sensation of the blue was so intense on the eyes, that when you exited the whole environment would be saturated in orange. I was curious to see what would happen when you travel from one intense submersion of color to another. Tunnels connect all three pyramids and the space gets bigger. The Red has a base of 15 meters and the gold of 18. They are anchored to the ground with waterbeds that also serve as a way to take in the space and colors. 

The name is in a state of indecision and I think that it will continue to evolve, but for now they are being called Onigiri 3, because to some they look like Japanese rice dumplings. 

Both in the wind and as they inflate, the bubbles dance and morph into bizarre shapes. It's truly a spectacle to watch them grow. At the festival, lights were projected onto the sides but the potential visual experiences that could be experimented are exponential. 


I had so much help fon this project and I learned about the immense amount of work it takes to make something like this happen. 

So, I would like to thank my dad who inspired me in the first place with his work on inflatables in the past. My mother, who did everything that I would have never thought of and is a total logistical genius. Epin, who is such a wonderful person to begin with but also the one who made sure and assisted in the actual making of the pyramids. He also came with us to the festival and had to wake up 200 festival goers who had fallen asleep in the bubble.  Pak Muri, who did the sewing and who I am  in total gratitude for such skills.  To the Ladies of the house, Yuni, Ririen and Desak who also did so much in logistics with figuring out shipping and blowers and everything that I also wouldn't have though of. Jason Swamy and Pete Phornpraha, who got us there in the first place