الهرم الأزرق

Al-Haram Al-Azraq 

My dad has been building inflatables for a long time, starting when he was in art school in Canada. Some floated in water, in the winter they would be doused in water and freeze creating beautiful igloos. One was a mile long and snaked through the hillside, and others swelled in the forest restricted by trees. His most recent one was an orange bubble, 20 meters high and 50 long. 

I was inspired by the idea of creating a space that was mobile and flexible so I decided to build a pyramid. The process involved a bunch of math, (that of which I never thought I would use), and the master bubble seamster, Pak Muri, who also built the orange bubble; and the help of Epin who is the head of maintenance.  

It is 9x9 meters, made from Ripstop Nylon, and is inflated with a small blower. 

The pyramid is quite tame from the outside, almost like a bouncy castle you would find at an eight year old birthday party. 

But the real magic happens when you dive in.

Welcome to a blue world. 

These photos make me think of Interstellar, being the first people to find this blue universe.

Photos compliments of Carina Hardy (Piers & Munia)